Frequently Asked Questions

Get answers about our ready-to-help freelance virtual assistants.

How many hours a week can I save?

With Zirtual, you can save anywhere 5 to 15 hours per week. You’ll save even more time than your assistant clocks in because we’re very experienced in administrative tasks and can typically handle them faster.

What’s the best thing to outsource first?

Our clients (small business owners and executives) usually outsource their email inbox management and calendar management first because these are sneakily time consuming tasks. When offloaded, you get time back in your day immediately. However, you can start with whatever task or project is most pressing. Learn more about what we do and book a call to talk about your specific needs.

What if I’m too overwhelmed to train someone?

That happens. Fortunately, we can pair you with a Zirtual Assistant who is already trained in the skills you need. Of course, you will have to show them the ropes of your specific business, but the good news is that they’ve already done similar work for other clients and they have a ton of experience in serving clients remotely.

Why should I pick Zirtual?

If you want to work with a smart, experienced freelance virtual assistant who is trained and ready to help you, lives in the US, and has a college degree, then you should choose Zirtual. Our account managers do an excellent job of pairing up clients with the right Zirtual Assistant. We also manage your Zirtual Assistant’s workload so you enjoy consistent availability. With 2-hour response times, working with a Zirtual Assistant instead of a basic Virtual Assistant is an absolute no brainer.

Can I talk to someone about my unique needs?

Of course. We’d love to chat with you. Many of our clients prefer to have a consultation before signing up. Ask us any additional questions you might have and talk to us about your outsourcing needs so we can make sure that there will be a Zirtual Assistant who can expertly assist you.

College educated, US based
Already trained in the skills you need
1 dedicated Zirtual Assistant
2-hour response time during business hours
Flat rate monthly pricing
Support from other specialists on demand

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How are the Zirtual Assistants chosen and vetted?

We accept applications and referrals from other Zirtual Assistants already a part of our team. We only choose US-based Zirtual Assistants with a college education and relevant work experience. All Zirtual Assistants also undergo a full background check.

Will multiple Zirtual Assistants help me, or just one person?

You’ll be working with one Zirtual Assistant. That means just one point of contact and one relationship. This person will do 95% of the work you need done. But, when there’s something unique that they’re not an expert in, they’ll get help from a Zirtual Assistant who specializes in that area.

How does the pricing work?

Pick a monthly plan based on the number of hours you need. Your Zirtual Assistant will proactively make sure they’re helping in additional areas to make sure they’re maximizing those hours. Hours do not roll over, but you can upgrade or downgrade your plan at any time.

How are the Zirtual Assistants trained?

All Zirtual Assistants are trained by our team in the top administrative tasks that clients need help with. Based on their experience, preferences, and interests, we also train them in more specialized tasks.

What skills do the Zirtual Assistants already have?

Our Zirtual Assistants are absolute pros at email inbox management, appointment scheduling, social media management, email marketing management, research, invoicing, expense tracking, data entry, and more. Talk to us to discuss your needs.

What sort of long term support do you offer?

Zirtual Assistants have direct access to a Zirtual account manager who talks with them about how to best help their clients and suggests new ways to assist. We also help fill additional needs on demand. At any time, if you need a new or different Zirtual Assistant, we are just an email away and can meet your hiring needs quickly.

Trained and ready to give you back your time
Proactive support that just gets better
Consistent availability and quality of work

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