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Pick the virtual assistant pricing that’s perfect for your needs:

No Discount

Entrepreneur Plan

Small task work to keep on top of a few things.

Normally $549/mo


Renews at $549/mo

12 Hours of Task Work Per Month

1 User Included

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No Discount

Startup Plan

Project work that goes beyond inbox & scheduling.

Normally $1149/mo


Renews at $1149/mo

24 Hours of Task Work Per Month

2 Users Included

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No Discount

Small Business Plan

Operational help for everyday business tasks.

Normally $1449/mo


Renews at $1449/mo

36 Hours of Task Work Per Month

3 Users Included

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No Discount

Team Plan

Built to handle the most demanding workloads.

Normally $1999/mo


Renews at $1999/mo

50 Hours of Task Work Per Month

5 Users Included

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We would love to talk with you

Want to talk to a real human who’s as knowledgeable and helpful as your assistant will be? Tell us about what you do and what you think you might need help with. We have a lot of experience helping small business owners and executives determine the type of relief they need and how many hours that would require.

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Zirtual assistants are organized and amazing. Plus, as part of the Zirtual crew, they come with perks.

All assistants are college educated, live in the US, and were specially chosen to join Zirtual
2 hour response times during your business hours (whichever US time zone)
Direct contact to your dedicated assistant via phone, SMS, and email
Kickoff delegation strategy call to help you get started with the highest impact tasks
Assistants have ongoing support from delegation strategists and task specialists

Answering your plan questions

Is there a setup fee?

Some plans may have a setup fee to ensure the best assistant-matching.

Can I change my plan?

Yes, you can. If you need to, you can downgrade or upgrade your plan. When you request a plan change, it will go into the following month.

What if I don’t use up my hours?

We do our very best to make sure that never happens. Our assistants chat regularly with their managers (AKA delegation experts) to strategize ways to help you. We’re not able to roll over hours, but as long as you’re on the right plan, this won’t be a problem.

Are there any long term contracts?

No to that one too. You can cancel whenever you need to. Note that your cancellation will go into effect the following month, and we’re not able to credit back or prorate unused hours.

Can my assistant manage multiple inboxes?

Besides hours, the number of team members is the only other factor that affects the pricing of our plans. If you need your assistant to help multiple people at your company, make sure to choose the right plan above.

Do I get to meet my assistant before working together?

We pair you based on skill required, time zone, company type, and personality. You’ll meet your new assistant during your kickoff delegation strategy call. If at any time you feel that this person isn’t a fit for you, you can request a different assistant.

“Working with my virtual assistant, I have reduced a significant amount of the tedious aspects of my managerial work that pull critical time from my research and teaching. She directly processes about 25% of all my email, she books all of my travel, she schedules appointments with students, she does copy-editing on my papers and proposals, and she is always ready to handle the everyday random tasks that need a human but not necessarily me to get done.”

Jason CorsoUniversity of Michigan

“I really appreciate my assistant and how truly fantastic she is. Working with her is easy, seamless, effective, productive....and fun! I absolutely love her. She's invaluable and I honestly feel lucky every day to have found her.”

Carolyn Bierman
Pay for what you need

No paying for downtime or slow time. When the clock is on, your Zirtual Assistant is working.

Spend your time smarter

Your experience is precious. Don’t waste it on what a Zirtual Assistant can do better.

Take more time off

Woo hoo! All those little things won’t be eating into your down time any more.

Surprise yourself

Yes, having an assistant is going to be even better than you imagined.

Put more focus on what you do best.

Meet the Virtual Assistant who will support you.

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