Using a Virtual Assistant for Data Entry

Lots of industries require data entry. Healthcare. Ecommerce. Real estate. Banking. Restaurants and hospitality. Anyone who runs a business that requires a lot of data entry knows just how time consuming that task can be.

So why not hand it off to a virtual assistant?

Zirtual is the secret weapon of successful people. Not just in work, but in life. We give you more time to focus on the big picture by taking care of the little details — like data entry. As a Zirtual client, you get your very own virtual assistant (VA) — a smart, highly trained US-based point person who works remotely as your right hand and left brain. You delegate your data entry and your VA is on it.

Sound like the kind of team you want to work with?

Spend More Time Where It Counts

Data entry is time consuming and, let’s face it, not the most exciting. And whether you’re running your own real estate business or heading up an entire wing of a hospital, you probably have other, more pressing tasks to attend to.

That’s where a virtual assistant comes in. For businesses with a ton of data entry, a virtual assistant means the difference between hours each day getting sucked up by mundane tasks and hours each day spent focusing on those other, bigger picture tasks that only you can do.

No one person can run a booming business on their own. And with a Zirtual virtual assistant, you not only do you not have to do it alone, but you can do it affordably. That’s because our virtual assistants come at a fraction of the cost of a full-time employee — and they’re only paid for the tasks assigned them. Calculate what it costs to pay an employee to do 15 or 20 hours of data entry a week (or however much you have), and then take a look at our pricing options. See what we mean?

Here’s What A Data Entry Virtual Assistant Can Do

Your data entry virtual assistant is here for any data entry needs your company has. Whether it’s logging medical files or checking accuracy, here’s what they can do:

  • Check all data for accuracy
  • Delete any unnecessary or extraneous files
  • Keep records of all activities and tasks
  • Make sure all of your data is presented in the right forms
  • Preparing all of your data for entry
  • Actually enter your data!
  • Data conversion
  • Processing forms
Get Administrative Support

But, if you want, your data entry virtual assistant doesn’t have to just be for data entry. Responding to emails getting you down? Having trouble keeping track of your calendars? You don’t have to do any of that anymore. It’s as easy as making a list of the administrative tasks you do each day and handing them over to your new VA.

Our administrative and executive assistant VAs have years of experience in inbox management, scheduling, travel booking, event planning, research, doc prep, data entry, and much more.

You’re an expert in a lot of things — that’s why you do what you do. But why not focus on the things you really love being an expert at, rather than daily administrative tasks?

Social Media

Social media is another area our virtual assistants can help! These days, if a product or company isn’t on social media, it may as well not exist. You already know that having a strong online presence is essential for reaching your customers. But staying on top of social media, maintaining a website, writing web copy? All of that takes a lotof time. And it’s a task that a lot of people let fall to the wayside when other, seemingly more important tasks build up.

We get it! You need to be doing your work. But someone needs to attend to your social media and marketing.

If growing your business is one of the parts of being a business owner that you hate, a virtual assistant can be a huge help. Our VAs can help with social media and marketing and any other small business support services that you need.

Did you know: The average salary for a personal assistant is $39K per year — and outsourcing to a social media management company can cost anywhere from $36K to over $200K — but a Zirtual virtual assistant is only around $4 to $16K per year. Plus, with a Zirtual assistant you get a lot more than just social media management support. They can help with inbox management, scheduling, purchasing, research, and much more!


No matter your business, you need marketing. After all, if people don’t what services or goods you’re selling, why would the ever come to you?

These days, “marketing” means a lot more than print ads and billboards — although it can absolutely mean those things, too. Today’s small business owners know that a good marketing strategy involves a huge range of avenues.

And who has time for that? Let your virtual assistant take care of it all for you.

Stay In Touch

When customers and vendors reach out, they expect a speedy answer. And it’s all too easy to let voicemails and emails pile up.

Have your Zirtual assistant check your voicemail and emails regularly throughout the day in order to make sure you never miss an important call. Once they get down all of the important info, they’ll send you the messages as an action item list that they can help you tackle.

You can also give your virtual assistant template messages for commonly asked questions or frequently requested information. Then, those emails get responded to in record time without you even having to glance at them. It’s like having a one-person customer service team to take care of all of the questions that you simply don’t have time for.

As for your current contacts, our administrative and executive virtual assistants know how to give a personal and personable touch to interacting with your contacts. They’ll feel listened to, taken care of, and like they’re being treated with the utmost respect. Plus, having an assistant always makes a business looks more professional — and that never hurt.

Go Beyond The Office

With your busy schedule, who has time for a personal life? Working hard often leads to personal needs falling through the cracks. But success in your business doesn’t have to mean chaos at home!

Let your Zirtual assistant support you with tasks like scheduling a haircut, ordering your Mom flowers for her birthday, and paying your bills.

Have them remind you of special occasions, and take care of any emergencies that come up when you’re out on a property. Let them order your groceries online and keep the family calendar on track.

Plus, having your virtual assistant take care of both your work and personal schedules also ensures they already know not to book a show during your niece’s piano recital.

Who says you can’t have it all?

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Now that I have Renee, my VA, to handle all the small stuff, I'm more productive. I'm closing more transactions, and I can finally exhale — truly enjoying my chosen career!

Cherie Jones
Cherie JonesRealtor, Sotheby’s International

As a tech entrepreneur and father of two young kids, I have more things to do everyday than I possibly can. My VA, Molly, takes care of many day-to-day tasks and helps make my life manageable.

Prabhakar Gopalan
Prabhakar GopalanPrincipal, PG Consulting

My VA, Mitchell, is AWESOME and did all that he could within 24 hours of becoming a part of my life to make apartment hunting for me very VERY successful.

Vaishali Thirwani
Vaishali ThirwaniSupply Chain Designer, Soma Water